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  1. Pavel Ondrašík | 31.08.2012 (14:22)

    Ahoj. Uzasne kresby, vskutku jako vzdy. Je radost pohledet na tak paradne vyladene spojeni oko-ruka. S lacnosti jsem sel stranku po strance, jen ta posledni me velice zarmoutila… Skoda, ze obalka nema stejny punc krasy jako kresby uvnitr knihy, ktere bych si podle obalky pravdepodobne nevsiml. Diky, je videt, ze milujes… Pavel

  2. Adolf Lachman | 06.04.2012 (13:43)

    Thanks Salsaman, ilustrations are for th book by Viktor Gajdos, it was not my expirience from the journey…but tt´s very nice to read your words if you are from France..:-)
    Botanicula is really awesome masterpiece by Jara Plachy from Amanita design, look forward!

  3. Salsaman | 24.03.2012 (22:56)

    My apologize :o )
    I didn’t expect that you answer me^^ (this is not a pretty good excuse)
    Well, the drawing are just awesome (excuse me for this stereotypical comment); each page has a great staging: all the main objects of a journey (with a movie effect „notebook“, I have this impression ). We live your trip too (if it’s yours).

    You know, you’re the man who pushed me to study art, but I gotta wait next year (I’m french by the way).
    (waiting nervously for Botanicula)
    Sorry for my english; greet! :o )

  4. Adolf Lachman | 22.03.2012 (10:29)

    Salsaman, thank you very much for a bit daring opinion..:-)

  5. Salsaman | 12.03.2012 (21:38)

    Best in the World