How I work

The process of Turtledove

I have added some images of process from photoshop. Sorry, still without the whole description…

1. I usually start with a sketch of my idea into the my sketchbook. I let it be some time and in the nick of time I redraw this sketch to the bigger sketchbook with every necessary details. The size of the drawing is approximately A4 or A3 paper format. I make an effort to do the most accurate pencil drawing, to avoid the photoshop correction as possible. I make the slightly shadows, because the shadows and modelation I add later with the computer. This picture which you see above, is directly scanned raw pencil drawing without adjustments for now.

2. On this second image you can see, that I added such contrast for good looking drawing. The drawing becomes a strong sceleton of the whole process. The drawing is the most important part of the picture for me, and keeps all together. I already changed some details.

3. The next stage comes up. I clean up the picture and I remove unwanted sketches and scribbles around. After this I let blend the drawing with the coloured background with the assistance of the Photoshop effect. The drawing becomes transparent. I remove the pale paper and I let visible only dark tones of the drawing.

4. Now with the laso tool I select the area that I fill in the seperate layer under the layer with the drawing. The layer with the drawing is always top. After that I paint raw background and I try the most suitable composition, shape and contour of the landscape, colours etc. Below I added the modelation of the rock in outlines.

5. Here, I already added the hills to the background plan into the seperate layer. All object including shadows, light, coloured areas are in the seperate layers, because of easy later use. For example I can create simply selection for modelation later, etc. I added the large marks of the camouflage pattern and I appended some details before such as the tank on the side, the exhaust opening and I adjusted the neb. Sometimes I have to redraw some details in the computer becuse after scanning looks bad. It is caused by quit small drawing that is ussually printed much bigger.

6. I paint shadows finally. At first I make a selection from the bottom filled area. Then I make step by step shading and I create a modelation with airbrush tool in the next seperate layer. I make an effort to paint slight modelation, usually with the black colour. Only dark tones without lights and shine for now. I apply a blend mode “multiply” fot this layer, optimal mode for me.

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  1. adana klima servisi | 11.02.2019 (10:30)

    i love very very much your work …
    you are god in art in first sorry for my mistake in english . because i am from iran and i am not perfect in EN .…

  2. adana klima servisi | 11.02.2019 (10:29)

    i am from iran and i am not perfect in EN .
    i love very very much your work …
    you are god in art …

  3. For beginners

  4. Adana Laptop Tamiri Yapan Firmalar | 22.01.2019 (14:09)

    for beginners

  5. ist too hard toturial for me… i thibk this is for beginners

  6. its just like pro anime… nice work

  7. rostislav veselý | 16.01.2019 (23:06)

    Dobrý den – prosím o info zda a kdy se koná komentovaná prohlídka výstavy v Heřmanově Městci. O výstavě jsem se BOHUŽEL dověděl až dnes.
    Těším se a děkuji.
    Zdravím, Veselý

  8. çiçek siparişi | 04.01.2019 (08:34)

    I wish i could show you some of my work someday, your opinion will mean the world to me.