New website just launched!

The new website was finally launched after several months of work. My friend 2046 has programmed this site and webdesign came from our mutual cooperation. The site is gradually filling my existing database of art works and does not contain everything. Gradually, I try to fill.

The new website has just been launched, so if you find any mistake or something malfunctioning, please let me know.

Thank you and enjoy your surfing…

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  1. Adolf Lachman | 20.06.2011 (11:16)

    Thanks a lot Mary.

  2. Adolf Lachman | 20.06.2011 (11:15)

    Díky moc sousede.

  3. soused | 20.06.2011 (11:04)

    Dechberouci prace, jen tak dal. Uz asi bude nudny stale slyset chvalu, ale takhle se “to” ma delat ;) )

    Dobry poctivky tvoje prace!

  4. Mary | 14.06.2011 (12:23)

    I though you did backgrounds for Machinarium, but now I see Adolf Lachman is a whole universe ) beautiful site and works. very talented

  5. Adolf Lachman | 27.04.2011 (09:50)

    Thanks, I try to keep it…

  6. IndieGuy | 26.04.2011 (19:49)

    Hey, just wanted to say Thanks for the nice Machinarium artwork. Keep up the good work.

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