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  1. joshua glaser | 26.12.2016 (21:06)

    the contrast between new, the quadbike, and “old”, the tree man is an extremely cool thing to put into perspective using a drawing. i love the way his eyes are orange, like fire is inside him

  2. Petr Vodicka | 08.09.2016 (14:06)

    Dobrý den, nádherná práce!
    Chtěl bych si vytisknout jako plakát a pověsit v kanceláři, můžeme se, prosím, nějak dohodnout?


  3. Jens | 11.03.2015 (21:33)

    cool :) if u put it that way, its just that the interrogation sign is too white, too harsh, of another kind, then i would say is a counter between 3 worlds, the tree monster, the atv and the interrogation sign xD

  4. Adolf Lachman | 05.03.2015 (15:15)

    Thank you. I tried to reveal the surprising moment of this meeting. Who is more surprised? :-)

  5. yvo | 01.03.2015 (19:53)

    it’s about meeting of two different worlds and the exploration of imagination. I can really enjoy your art.

  6. Adolf Lachman | 26.01.2015 (15:38)

    Thank you, I really wanted to make a surprising meeting between this unknown creature from a legend and simply human who destroys the mountain paths and nature with this noisy ATV…:-)

  7. jens | 25.01.2015 (03:04)

    the living tree is just awesome! but the 4wheel bike and the interrogation sign is ugly
    but i love ur work anyway :D