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  1. Adolf Lachman | 24.05.2016 (09:02)

    Thank you Mirai, no, any album of my works isn’t available yet. I have been thinking about it since I started to draw in Photoshop. It’s nice idea. This dream will come true, maybe :-) Thank you.

  2. Mirai | 24.05.2016 (07:44)

    I discovered your artwork years ago with Machinarium. It is truly an inspiration! I really want to buy an album compiling all your illustrations, mainly related to robots/machines. Is it or will it ever be available?
    Keep up the amazing work!

  3. Adolf Lachman | 02.04.2015 (08:43)

    :-) Hi Aleks T, thank you. Nice words.

  4. Aleks T | 02.04.2015 (04:43)

    Your work has truly made me happy. Ever since I was little I always wanted to feel in a world away from this one.
    Somewhere to tinker while being surrounded by machines.
    Seeing you incorporate machine and nature together so well almost scares me. Amazing job. Next is a tattoo in the similar style.

  5. Adolf Lachman | 06.03.2015 (16:14)

    Hi Richard, thank you for your words. It´s nice idea about the book. Thank you.

  6. Adolf Lachman | 06.03.2015 (16:12)

    Hi, thanks a lot, I appreciate that you are big fan of my design.

  7. Frauleinbutterfly | 02.01.2015 (01:09)

    Amazing art work!
    Big fan of robots in general and your design, of course!
    Amazing Work!
    Keep it up <3

  8. Richard Lytwynuk | 12.03.2014 (20:07)

    Wow… I’m speechless, your art is simply amazing. Publish a book of your art and I’m definitely buying a copy.

    I am adding you to my list of favourite artists. Truly inspirational!

  9. Peter Cakovsky | 13.12.2012 (09:24)

    Tieto tvoje “plechové” veci obdivujem. Stále sa k nim vraciam a inšpirujem sa. Ale to ty vieš :)
    Nech sa darí!

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