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  1. angélique | 27.05.2021 (21:40)

    really beautiful it’s a masterpiece.

  2. Link Choi | 08.11.2013 (12:26)

    Hello Adolf,

    I knew your work through Machinarium, your other work is great as well. I am deeply moved by Calvary. Hope I can visit the chapel in person one day and see these paintings. Thanks!

  3. Adolf Lachman | 11.07.2013 (19:16)

    Hello Cathy,
    Thanks a lot for your nice words. The Calvary works are oil paintings, not digital works. I gave paintings to the chapel as a gift. I´m very sorry, I can´t make a print.

  4. Cathy Hart | 11.07.2013 (18:40)

    Mr. Lachman, your Calvary works are exquisite. My personal favorite is Veronica, as she is someone whose courage and compassion I admire. Thank you so very much. Are prints available?

  5. Adolf Lachman | 23.06.2011 (08:30)

    Thank you Henk-Gert, when I was painting the Calvary I chose simple anatomic details without the Jesus´ face. I thought it should be nice.

  6. henk gert | 22.06.2011 (19:21)

    beautiful work, very intense , you get emotional looking at it.