How I work

The process of Turtledove

I have added some images of process from photoshop. Sorry, still without the whole description…

1. I usually start with a sketch of my idea into the my sketchbook. I let it be some time and in the nick of time I redraw this sketch to the bigger sketchbook with every necessary details. The size of the drawing is approximately A4 or A3 paper format. I make an effort to do the most accurate pencil drawing, to avoid the photoshop correction as possible. I make the slightly shadows, because the shadows and modelation I add later with the computer. This picture which you see above, is directly scanned raw pencil drawing without adjustments for now.

2. On this second image you can see, that I added such contrast for good looking drawing. The drawing becomes a strong sceleton of the whole process. The drawing is the most important part of the picture for me, and keeps all together. I already changed some details.

3. The next stage comes up. I clean up the picture and I remove unwanted sketches and scribbles around. After this I let blend the drawing with the coloured background with the assistance of the Photoshop effect. The drawing becomes transparent. I remove the pale paper and I let visible only dark tones of the drawing.

4. Now with the laso tool I select the area that I fill in the seperate layer under the layer with the drawing. The layer with the drawing is always top. After that I paint raw background and I try the most suitable composition, shape and contour of the landscape, colours etc. Below I added the modelation of the rock in outlines.

5. Here, I already added the hills to the background plan into the seperate layer. All object including shadows, light, coloured areas are in the seperate layers, because of easy later use. For example I can create simply selection for modelation later, etc. I added the large marks of the camouflage pattern and I appended some details before such as the tank on the side, the exhaust opening and I adjusted the neb. Sometimes I have to redraw some details in the computer becuse after scanning looks bad. It is caused by quit small drawing that is ussually printed much bigger.

6. I paint shadows finally. At first I make a selection from the bottom filled area. Then I make step by step shading and I create a modelation with airbrush tool in the next seperate layer. I make an effort to paint slight modelation, usually with the black colour. Only dark tones without lights and shine for now. I apply a blend mode “multiply” fot this layer, optimal mode for me.

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  1. ipl başlık | 04.01.2019 (08:24)

    yeas this device like “metal slug”… thanx good artwork

  2. adana anahtarcı | 04.01.2019 (08:23)

    this is good lovely good.. thanx

  3. Adana Yazıcı Servisi | 04.01.2019 (08:21)

    totally good art work

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  10. Gerry | 20.05.2018 (07:47)

    I love your style, the detail. Your interest. Rare I think. Another one of the greatest that exist in the world today. Say, how about drawing with a theme like Alice in Wonderland for example, since it has many ideas to come up with. Like card’s soldier or chessboard, cake, strange animal & plant, fantasy environment, etc, or scary things like Halloween. In unique way. With your own style. Like Samorost’s style or Machinarium’s style. Or another way of yours. Above all, you’re amazing…

  11. DIego | 18.01.2017 (18:43)

    I love your work , is perfect. I´m from mexico . And this ideas ,are absolutely beautiful
    Do you work in another project ?
    YOU are a good artist
    I love it

  12. Petra Rombach | 14.08.2016 (23:48)

    I absolutely love your work! Since I’m an aspiring artist/illustrator I was looking for the drawing work process and techniques used on Machinarium (my favourite point&click) and so I ended up here. Thank you so much for sharing your process and being and inspiration for me to get better.

  13. Adolf Lachman | 14.04.2016 (12:02)

    Thank you very much Matthias!

  14. Matthias Lachmund | 14.04.2016 (09:33)

    As usual just blown away by your work on Samorost 3! Keep up doing those great things which bring so much joy to people like us. It’s truly awe inspiring to see someone embrace his natural talent like this. All the best and thank you so much.

  15. Frank J. Chao | 22.04.2015 (19:05)

    Hehe thanks for taking the time of reading my comments, well, everyones actually; but I apreciate it enormously, most artist aren’t this accesible. Hehe I’m thrilled, is something amazing to actually talk with someone that I admire so much and that is so far. I’ve always admired czech rep, Antonin Dvorak and Bela Bartok are of my most favorite composers; and certainly Prague is in the top five of cities i want to visit. I wish i could show you some of my work someday, your opinion will mean the world to me. Greetings to you and the talented guys in Amanita, keep the awesome mind blowing work you’ve always done, i’m looking forward to play samorost 3, hehe i didn’t know it was in development, thanks for that too. Sorry the extension, the best.

  16. Josef Huber | 20.04.2015 (21:37)


    Am a hobby writer from Austria and wanted to ask how much cost 1 image?
    I have a little book project and love your style. The drawings i want should be dark and surreal.
    Target group 12+

    lg Josef Huber

  17. Adolf Lachman | 17.04.2015 (11:48)

    Hi Peter, it is nice that this static tutorial can help you. Yes, all colours was done in photoshop. I have never done with copic markers. I have made in photoshop all of my 3 brushes. I have never used more. 🙂 and my advice is: Make it real ! No machine, no sofware will be better than real raw watercolour stain made by you. Draw it and scan it. Be like an artist who can survive without photoshop, photoshop is just tool like a pencil or oil colours 🙂

  18. Adolf Lachman | 17.04.2015 (11:11)

    Peter, I thought static pictures are enough for the tutorial 🙂 Sorry, I have old vintage pc incapable of video recording and I don´t have any video camera.

  19. Adolf Lachman | 17.04.2015 (10:53)

    Hi Frank J. Chao, thank you very much for your nice comment. I can´t explain many technical things because I use my artistic intuition most of all:-) and I am used to working only with 5 % of photoshop skills…only basic brushes, gradients, masks etc. But true is that my usual psd document contains more than 300 layers 🙂 I think my process in photoshop is very simple and logical.
    Look forward to our next game Samorost 3. Check it out. 🙂

  20. Frank J. Chao | 16.04.2015 (22:44)

    I too would like to know how you make this beautiful shadow gradient that gives the drawing volume and the aspect of something solid not just some lines. I know there sure is a lot of art and just artistic intuition in how to do it but the technical steps will be a very good start. Thanks again, i’m from Cuba

  21. peter | 16.04.2015 (19:38)

    follow up: I would kill for a video tutorial of your photoshop process.

  22. Frank J. Chao | 16.04.2015 (18:52)

    I’m a huge fan of your work and machinarium , i’ve played and replayed the game dozens of times i already know the puzzles by heart. Your designs are oniric but feel real, like if that surrealistic metal city was a real place i really wanted to visit, and beyond your obvious talent it is your imagination that i honour the most. I loved your parobots pieces and your robot designs in machinarium but what i love the most are spatial designs, the places the bizarre buildings and the superb composition of all the elements that creates a space both imposible and real. I love the plaza in machinarium (namesti), i feel like i want to walk around it and check the entire place, it’s like if i knew the place. I draw myself, i once thought to make of that my profession but i turned out a scientist, i still do some works for my own pleasure so i will try some of your technics, thanks for the explanations, and above all thanks for your work; i wish you the best in your career.

  23. peter | 14.04.2015 (21:28)


    thank you so much for this, I’ve been trying to make real hand made sprites and this is the only place I’ve found that can help me.

    question: was all the colour in machinarium done on photoshop? I’ve been trying to use copic markers to get a handmade watercolour feel, I’m wondering if I should switch to photoshop. any advice?

  24. Adolf Lachman | 16.03.2015 (10:52)

    Hi Jose, thank you. I´m used to working with my antique scanner from 80´s 🙂 and this drawing is made with the original pencil and the original raw paper 210x297mm :-). I have created a tool (something like pencil) in PS, but I´m used to doing only small corections in the original pencil drawing with this tool after scanning. I´ve been working with basic 3 – 4 brushes since I started with Photoshop. Nothing unusual 🙂

  25. Jose G. | 16.03.2015 (01:35)

    Hello Mr.Lachman,

    as a passionate of digital art and videogames, I’m in love with your work. Played Machinarium a month ago and it felt just magical, thanks to your art. Also, this tutorial helped me to improve my skills as a beginner, so it’s really appreciated. 😀
    Can I ask if you use special brushes? The clean drawing at step 3 doesn’t seem to be done with basic brushes. Perhaps you use a brush that emulates pencil?

    Thanks you very much. You’re a great inspiration. 🙂

  26. Adolf Lachman | 06.03.2015 (16:07)

    Thank you everybody. I am very sorry for my late response. It´s caused by my spam filter. I very appreciate your comments and kind words. Thank you very much. 🙂

  27. Adolf Lachman | 06.03.2015 (15:22)

    Hello Lenka, thanks a lot for your comment. I appreciate it. I´m looking forward to my another works too. Thanks.

  28. Lenka B. | 13.02.2015 (21:41)

    Hello Mr. Lachman,
    Everyday I see your work at University of Pardubice and I love it! It is beautiful going around your art, it is something special. I am very pleased that I can see it, it makes my every school day. Thank you very much! I hope I see your another work someday

  29. Harley | 10.03.2014 (03:03)

    Hello Mr. Lachman!
    I’m an American teenager who was inspired by your work on Machinarium immensely, when playing the game as a child. Since finding out who was behind the work today, and looking through your website, I now feel that you are my ultimate role model and inspiration when it comes to art. I am completely enamored of how you capture industrial, futuristic, and robotic scenes while keeping them sprinkled with nature. How many years have you been seriously drawing? When did you start using Photoshop to enhance your work?
    Harley, a huge fan <3

  30. Martin | 30.01.2014 (15:17)

    Hello Mr Lachman

    At first all my admiration to your nice, fine, particular, brilliant and wonderful style to illustrate a real new world!
    And now my question 🙂 Approx how long do you have to spend drawing and photoshopping this Turtledove?
    Thx in forward
    Martin, Bocholt, Germany

  31. J M Mameli | 07.03.2013 (00:05)

    Hello Adolf, Thanks for sharing your process. But I was wondering when your gonna finish it. I really want to know how you applied those textures. And how you made those bumps in picture 8…..

    Keep up the good work:-)
    Greets from the Netherlands

  32. Anna Siviero | 15.01.2013 (11:49)

    Hi Adolf, thank you very much for sharing your creative process here. I’m a fellow artist from Italy and it’s always greatly inspiring to learn from other artists. Loved your work with Machinarium and I look forward to see your next work with Amanita 🙂
    Greeting from foggy Padova.

  33. Adolf Lachman | 06.12.2012 (11:04)

    Thanks! I should accelerate it 🙂 So I just added the next three items…

  34. Matt Staley | 06.12.2012 (03:05)

    Thanks for starting this! Please keep describing each stage. Much appreciated!

  35. Adolf Lachman | 20.11.2012 (22:59)

    Hi Tobias, sorry for my late responze. At first I used a pencil and after scanning I finish it in Photoshop.

  36. Tobias Vinther Christensen | 15.09.2012 (17:01)

    Hi Adolf, I love you art and, like some of the others have commented here, I would love to read more about how you go about creating it. Is everything done in Photoshop?

  37. Alessandro Melazzini | 12.08.2012 (13:22)

    Hi! I discovered your work playing Machinarium, i find it really nice and particular!

  38. My | 06.06.2012 (15:05)

    Awesome work but your shadows (picture 6) still secret for me

  39. ali ansari | 24.03.2012 (20:41)

    hi …
    in first sorry for my mistake in english . because i am from iran and i am not perfect in EN .
    i love very very much your work …
    you are god in art …

    please help me for beter …
    Please see my work in my website and write your comment to my email :
    My WebSite :

  40. My | 07.03.2012 (23:02)


  41. Adolf Lachman | 07.03.2012 (14:59)

    No 🙂

  42. My | 07.03.2012 (14:48)

    Do you helped with botanicula graphics?

  43. Adolf Lachman | 28.02.2012 (17:09)

    Hallo, schickte ich Ihnen per E-Mail.

  44. Josef. Morgret | 27.02.2012 (20:41)

    was kostet der Kasten in € für die Papierkrippe ??Die Bögen habe ich schon.
    Kann kein tschechisch lesen.
    Als Bastel-Paket schicken ist das möglich??Schon zugeschnitten,
    Liebe Grüße
    Josef Morgret

  45. Adolf Lachman | 22.11.2011 (17:39)

    Thanks a lot Jay, I am currently working on the next game by Amanita Design…so look forward everybody!

  46. JayParmesan | 07.11.2011 (02:19)

    Wow. After experiencing Machinarium for 5 minutes I had to find out who was behind that genius art. You’ve pushed through “steampunk” and cute little robot cliches, ultimately and immediately pulling me in! I envy your INCREDIBLE talent and I can’t WAIT to see your entire portfolio! Keep up the awesomness!


  47. paul | 12.09.2011 (07:38)

    I LOVE your work..

    I feel we are kindred spirits….
    Machinarium isn’t a game it’s an artwork…You are blessed to be working with such talented folks.

    best regards…


  48. Milos Janata | 26.08.2011 (23:42)

    Hi Awesome art! Let me know if there is any exhibition of yours goin on in Prague

  49. Adolf Lachman | 14.08.2011 (10:53)

    Hi Dmytro, thanks for your note. Yes it´s important to do it. I hope it could be soon.

  50. Dmytro Slyusar | 11.08.2011 (11:50)

    Hi, I`m very like your work, and I realy want to know how do you work. What instruments do you use, and other stuff. Please finish your web site category – “How I work”.
    P.S. Sory for my text mistakes, I`m from Ukraine and my English is not perfect.